Needle TipTop redhead replacement cartridge, C008

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Needle for TipTop repacement redhead 1.0 / 2.0 , universal jukebox cartridge c2008, Crosley, Auna, Ricatech etc.ND1801/Metal  o.a. Ricatech RMC-90, RMC-90IBIZA, RMC-100, RMC-150, RMC-250, RMC-340, RMC-350, RR-2000, RR-3000, RR3100, RTT-20, RTT-21, RTT-22, RTT-33, RTT-68, RTT-77, RTT-80, RTT-88, RTT-95, RTT-98 & RTT-100. Kleur: Rood.

Use for: TD79, TD80, TD81, TD82, TD84, TD85, TD97, TD99, TD102

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