6P1P-EV substitute for 6973

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6p1p-ev is a very good substitute for the6973 / 6cz5.

Not compatible 1 on 1, you have to change some wires.

Schematic included.


Its ver very good long life tube. we tested it 12 watt,


6P1P-EV / 6AQ5 / EL90 Svetlana USSR Output Tetrode NEW  NOS

6P1P-EV tubes.

New old stock. In original factory package. Made by Svetlana plant.

Made in 80s.

Made in USSR.

The year of manufacture such lamps 6p1p-ev may differ!

Almost it is 70-80s!

Name 6P1P-EV
Type Output beam tetrode,long-life
Application LF power amplification
Cathode type oxide,indirect heating
Envelope glass,miniature
Mass,g 20
Filament voltage,V 6,3
Filament current,A 0,45-0,53
Anode voltage,V 250
Anode current,A 0,033-0,055
Anode power,W 12
Grid1 voltage,V minus 12,5
Grid2 voltage,V 250
Steepness,mA/V 3,8-6,0
Reverse grid current,uA 0,5
Microphnic noise,mV 200
Socket type rsh8

Made in USSR.

 6P1P-EV (6AQ5, EL90) Svetlana USSR Output Tetrode (NEW, NOS, from old stock) BOXED

1 PCs.

high reliability.

The tubes are never used.

Made in “REFLECTOR” Plant

100% New Item

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm


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