Axial 450V 33uf


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33uF 450V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Aluminum 16 x 35mm 105°C RoHS

Electrolytic Capacitor

33uF 450V ±20% -25~+105℃

GHA series, Axial Lead, 2000hrs Life


Ripple Current : 110mA, at 120Hz 85℃

Load Life : 2000hrs

Dissipation Factor (tan δ) : 0.2 max, at 120Hz 25℃

DC leakage Current :  I≦0.03CV + 20(μA)max

Spec. dimension : φ16x35mm, dia x L  

Lead length >= 35.0mm

Lead : φ0.8mm, Dia

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